With their small fishing boats, our fishermen are the most important link in the chain from fisherman to dish. They do a fantastic job with catching, and lay the foundation for the fact that we can supply live resource of ultimate quality to restaurants all over the world.

A core of very experienced and competent fishermen has been with us since the start, and new ones join all the time. Through a close dialogue and co-operation with many fishermen, we provide sharing of knowledge that makes us and them better. One of the measures is individual tracking of crabs, which gives valuable experience.

Several of our fishermen are innovators and founders. Some run fishing tourist operations where they offer crab and fishing safaris with exciting experiences, and through the individual product tracking, restaurant guests can make contact with the fisherman and access their services.

As more and more fishermen become part of the product tracking, they will appear in the following list. Here you will find some key information about our heroes, those who, in all kinds of weather, summer and winter, go out on the sea to catch the King of Crabs!