Tom Kandola

Tom Kandola home port is Vestre-Jakobselv, located on the northern side of Norway’s easternmost fjord Varangerfjord. He fishes with his 30-foot-vessel called “Edel M” named after his wife. He fishes with jigging, nets and pots and he has a fishing quota for cod, haddock and saithe, as well as king crab. Tom has a long professional career at public authorities, with road maintenance. He has been a fisherman for the last ten years and is very is very satisfied of being self-employed and the free life as a fisherman. In his spare time, Tom likes to reap the benefits of nature, like hunting for moose, fishing for big salmon in the river and picking berries in the mountains.

Fishing crabs since 2007
Largest crab 9 kg
Interests Fishing and hunting


Type Plastic, covered
Length 30 feet
Crew 1