Monika Hansen

Monika Hansen is from Korsfjorden, which is a side fjord in Alta. The village of Korsfjorden is a small place with around 20 permanent residents. Monika is a versatile lady, she has previously worked as a fish farmer, was a farmer, ran a processing plant for lambs and worked as an assistant nurse. She says that – “in small places you have to do the tasks that are here”. In 2019, she bought her own boat to become a fisherman. The boat “Tøffen” is 10.3 metres. The name of the boat corresponds well to the owner – Monika is a really tough lady. In her family, there are 4 coastal vessels, both her husband and two of her sons are fishermen in addition to herself. In her spare time, she likes to go on mountain walks. When the weather is bad, she goes into her sewing room where she sews on her 4 sewing machines, knits and embroiders.


Fishing crabs since 2019
Largest crab 6 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 30 feet
Crew 1