Our Plants

We have two plants for reception, packing and storage in Finnmark County, far north in Norway, as well as a tank facility for temporary storage close to Gardermoen, Oslo Airport.

Our two plants in Finnmark are ideally located in the two largest areas for catching King Crabs in Norway. Both stations have good facilities with a capacity for storing more than 20 tons of crabs. The cold, crystal clear and pure water in the north gives us an optimal basis for storing crabs in a gentle and optimal way.

The catch areas in Finnmark, Northern Norway, are situated 1800 kilometers north of Oslo and have limited flight capacity, often due to rough weather. This is far away from most markets and demanding transportwise. Because of this, we have built our own “crab hotel” close to Gardermoen, Oslo Airport. The crabs are transported by truck from Finnmark to the tank facility in Oslo, where the crabs are kept for a short time before being sent by air to customers all over the world. The crab hotel makes us able to send live crabs to the whole world – all year round. The transport time from our tank facility to that of the customer is short, which ensures the well-being of the crabs and optimal quality of a live resource.

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Bugøynes and Trollbukt

  • Norway King Crab – Bugøynes

    Bugøynes at night

    Bugøynes – where it all started.

    Bugøynes will forever be linked to King Crabs. This is where the first crab was received in the 90s, it was here the first king crab industry was established and it was here we started with our live crabs in 2008. Bugøynes is located in the middle of the Varanger Fjord, one of the most important fjords for catching King Crabs in Norway. Situated about one hour’s drive away from the airport, this plant is centrally located for both catch and distribution.

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  • Norway King Crab - Trollbukt

    Trollbukt – or newest plant in the Salmon Fjord

    With the establishment of Trollbukt, we now have a plant in another important fjord for catching King Crabs – the Salmon Fjord. This new plant is ideally located with access to sufficiently cold water all year round. The plant in Trollbukt will primarily supply live crabs via our tank facility in Oslo. Our own truck ensures optimal logistics from Trollbukt to Oslo.

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Norway King Crab HUB - Oslo

Oslo – tank facility for temporary storage near Gardermoen, Oslo Airport.

With a location 30 minutes from Oslo Airport, we have access to all routes with direct or indirect flights to the whole world. With transport by road from Finnmark to the crab hotel, we no longer depend on planes with low capacity from the north. From Oslo Airport we reach all corners of the earth in a short time, which is optimal both economically and when it comes to the well-being of the crabs.

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