Egil and Bjørn Egil Nilssen

Egil and Bjørn Egil are a father and a son fishing together for king crabs and cod. The biggest cod they have ever caught was 30 kg. They own a speed boat, which gives them the opportunity to fish in much wider area into the Barents Sea. Before they were fishermen, they owned a sports and weapons store. Both Egil and Bjørn Egil are very experienced hunters who hunt for small game, moose, fox, bear and lynx. In his spear time, Bjørn Egil likes to listen to AC / DC and Iron Maden, while his father is more comfortable with country music.

Fishing crabs since 2010
Largest crab 6.8 kg
Interests Hunting and outdoor activities


Type Plastic, covered
Length 30 feet
Crew 1