Viggo Håvard Pedersen

The fisherman Viggo Håvard Pedersen

Viggo is relatively new in fisheries. He has invested in a new boat that is more adapted to all-year use in a challenging region with lots of rough weather. Viggo is very focused on quality-handling of raw materials, and in addition to crab fishing he fishes with lines and hand lines. When Viggo is not at sea, he can often be found in the forest or in the mountains where he also fishes. His boat Riddu has a Sami name, the meaning of the name also describes the weather conditions of our region, directly translated Riddu means a small storm.

Fishing crabs since 2011
Largest crab 6.5 kg
Interests Nature, hunting and fishing.


The fishingboat Riddu
Type Speed sjark
Length 35.8 feet
Crew 1