Emma Krogh Pedersen

Emma is a young girl form Finnmark who only wanted to earn a little money from fishing in order to pursue a career as a biathlete. The fishing profession was so successful that when she stopped being an athlete and put skiing and rifle on the shelf, it was fishing that she wanted to do. Emma now fishes with her own boat “Kjæmtind” which is 10.11 meters. Their home port is Kjøllefjord. She fishes in many different fisheries, cod with nets, halibut with halibut long line, crab with pots and salmon with seines. Sea salmon fishing is the summer’s adventure, with midnight sun and clear sea, but also a bit of stormy weather when salmon seines have to be taken care of. In her spare time, she likes to go hunting and fish in mountain lakes. She also likes to relax with her knitting. What is important to her as a young fisherman on the coast of Finnmark is that the fish stocks have a sustainable mangement. So, the young people who are fishing today and the next generation also have the possibility to harvest from the fish stocks in the future.



Fishing crabs since 2018
Largest crab 5 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 32 feet
Crew 1