Robert Brochmann

Robert Brochmann has been a fisherman since he was a small boy. He does not have figures on the number of boats he has had, but about 20 different coastal vessels from 35 feet up to 90 feet. He now fishes with the boat “MINA”, which is 42 feet. Their home port is Havøysund. Robert has had a long life at sea, where he has seen ups and downs in fish stocks. He is somewhat concerned that fishing is too hard and that the fishermen will experience a decline in several fish stocks. We have a fishing fleet that is too efficient. At the same time, climate change will result in warmer seas, which will change the dynamics of the ocean. He believes the fishermen will face tougher times ahead. In his spare time, Robert likes to take his grandchildren on trips. Then they like to bring a fishing rod and fish on mountain lakes. He also likes to pick berries.


Fishing crabs since 2017
Largest crab 4.5 kg


Type Steel
Length 42 feet
Crew 1