Tor-Ørjan Store

Tor-Ørjan Store comes from Tana municipality. He is fishing with his 35-foot “Alexandra”. He has previously worked as an IT consultant, and changed his profession in 2013, when he became a full-time fisherman. The largest king crab he has caught was 5.8 kg. Next to the crab fish, Tor-Ørjan has cod quotas for small vessels. He thinks it is very important that the fisheries administration is facilitated so that the small vessels can have an operating basis that provides a good income for those who has invested in boat and fishing equipment. In his spare time, Tor Ørjan loves to hunt and fish in the mountain around Tana. His favourite music is Mark Knopfler.

Fishing crabs since 2014
Largest crab 5.8 kg
Interests Fishing and hunting


Type Plastic covered
Length 31 feet
Crew 1