Tor Ivar Hauge

Tor Ivar Hauge has been a full-time fisherman since 2014. He is now fishing with his 32-feet vessel called “Emma”. Tor Ivar lives in Tana municipality. He started his career as a fisherman as a 13-year-old in Berlevåg. Tor Ivar grew up in Levajok on the banks of Tanaelva which is Norway’s largest salmon river. He has been active with cross-country skiing, he worked with salmon farming, he has education as a helicopter pilot and he has worked as a driver. Tor Ivar has a versatile professional background. Despite this, he has always longed for being in the sea, finding the good feeling of going out on the fishing grounds, enjoying the nature and the excitement of fishing. He likes to be self-employed and have free life as a fisherman. When Tor Ivar does not fish, he likes to be with his children, be on the mountain and do sports.

Fishing crabs since 2014
Largest crab 5 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 32 feet
Crew 1