Mats Lamo

Mats Lamo is a young fisherman who has been fishing at full-time fishing since 2017. He has now bought his own boat “ADRIAN JR.” which is 35 feet. “Blåmann” has homeport in Vadsø and participates in the king crab fishing and in the fishing for cod, haddock, pollock and halibut. He has fish quotas for small vessels. Mats is educated as a car mechanical. Being self-employed with his own boat gives a lot of freedom, but also a great responsibility. This doesn’t scare the youngster who wants to work his way up with getting bigger fishing quotas at Blåmann. When Mats is not at sea he likes to do mechanical work on old cars. He also enjoys hiking in the mountains hunting and fishing.

Fishing crabs since 2017
Largest crab 6 kg
Interests Hiking nad fishing


Type Plastic, covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 1