Britt Irene Ring

Britt Irene Ring is an adult lady who has been a fisherman since 2005. She lives in Russenes which is in the Porsanger Fjord in Finnmark. Britt Irene has been fishing for king crab since 2015, she fishes with her own boat which is a little over 9 meters long. She has given the boat the name “KOMET”. She fishes cod, haddock, saithe, halibut in the open group, which are quotas for small boats. Britt Irene has previously worked as both a nurse and a farmer. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her grandchildren, doing needlework. She is also responsible for the maintenance of fishing equipment for the family’s boats. Britt Irene likes to be out in nature, best of all is picking berries and being with family and friends.

Fishing crabs since 2015
Largest crab 6 kg


Type Wooden covered
Length 29 feet
Crew 1