Øystein Eilertsen

Øystein is from Mehamn, a small and beautiful place in the north of Norway. He is a very experienced fisherman who has fished for more than forty years. Øystein fishes with fishing net for all sorts of fish such as cod, haddock, saithe, Greenland and Atlantic halibut, spotted wolffish, cusk and redfish. Almost twenty years back he began fishing for king crabs and he still thinks this is the most exciting way of fishing. He says he is always thrilled when he pulls up the pots and tries to guess how many and how big crabs have crept in. In his spare time, Øystein likes to listen to The Beatles as well as he likes to go on vacation to warmer areas.

Fishing crabs since 2000
Largest crab 8 kg
Interests Sport fishing


Type Plastic,covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 1