Torlief Weigama & Erling Haugan

Torleif is a resident of Bugøynes, the capital of norwegian red king crab, where Norway King Crab has one of its tank systems. He has been a fisherman for many years and worked with fish and crab at our facilities.

Erling came and established himself in Bugøynes 20 years ago. He has a Bachelor degree in e-commerce and has a great interest in innovation and new development. He is also very concerned for local development of Bugøynes and recruitment of new, young generation fishermen. He himself started fishing king crabs six years ago and is very happy about it. Erling is the leader of the local fishing team.

Fishing crabs since 2012
Largest crab 7 kg


The fishingboat Tiira
Type Speed sjark
Length 33 feet
Crew 2