Nils Sigmund Andersen

Nils Sigmund Andersen has been fishing all his life. He started fishing since age of 10-12 years old. He says he has grown up in the shoreline. Sigmund fishes with his 35 feet big “Greta”. He has fished king crab since the mid-1990s and the largest crab he has caught was 7 kg. Such large crabs are very rare today. He has a cod quota on Greta. He only uses passive tools such as long line, yarn and jigging fishing. Sigmund always brings the best quality of crab and fish on land. In his spare time, Sigmund likes to go in the mountains where he is fishing and enjoying nature. The music he likes is 70’s music, like Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

Fishing crabs since 1998
Largest crab 7 kg


Type Aluminium, covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 1