Ingar Haukenes

Ingar comes from a beautiful place in Porsangerfjorden called Lakselv. He has been a fisherman for many years and he has a long experience of fishing. In addition to fishing live king crabs, he started fishing live prawns. For this purpose, he uses specifically modified lobster pots. Ingar is also a hunter, both on land and out at the sea. In the woods, he hunts for deers, foxes, and small game, while out at the sea he is after the seals. He is also an accomplished diver and in his earlier times, he has dived for sea urchins and in shipwrecks.

Fishing crabs since 2006
Largest crab 8.5 kg
Interests Ingar likes to plan trips and travel to exotic places


Type Plastic, covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 2