Karine is a rare mix of fisherman and graphic designer. She runs a design agency but is unable to sit in the office for too long at a time before she has to go out on the fjord. Favorite fishing is cod fishing with nets in the Tanafjord in February and crab fishing in Smalfjord in summer. Her vessel is called “Kontepella”. In Tana you have to catch all the food yourself, so moose hunting is a big interest. The first moose was shot in 2013, it had 12 thorns and was shot in the neck at 350 meters. Otherwise she has a gecko as a pet, 2 own children and 1 bonus daughter, house and garden in Masjokdalen, a cabin she runs and refurbishes in Vesterbukt and always some salmon to be fished up in Laggoelva.

Runs a design agency: Visit page (arvu.no)

Founder and co-owner of a Sami interior design company: Visit page (samistories.no)

Fishing crabs since 2017
Largest crab 8.1 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 19 feet
Crew 1