Peder Jenssen

Peder Jenssen runs a combination with fisheries and agriculture in Lebesby municipality. He has fished crab for 8 seasons and is now fishing with a small 20-foot boat named “PILEN”. With that he fishes cod and king crab. He has also been a dairy farmer for over 30 years, in the world’s northernmost village with milk farms. Peder is an engaged man who calls for both fishery resources and resources on land to be managed in a sustainable and fair way for people living in Finnmark. He also rent out cabins, boats, and is pleased to assist tourists with king crab safaris and seal safari. Peder has many stories to tell about life at the Laksefjord. A funny story can be found on youtube about a walrus that lowered a boat of the same size as “Pilen” Search on Youtube “Walrus sinks a boat”.

Feel free to contact Peder on email and plan experiences with him:

Fishing crabs since 2010
Largest crab 5.4 kg
Interests Fishing, agriculture


Type Plastic
Length 20 feet
Crew 1
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Walrus sinks a boat

Walrus sinks a boat