Trond Kristiansen

The fisherman Trond Kristiansen

All his professional life Trond has worked at sea, and he is alone onboard his own fishing boat. Being at sea all the time is important to Trond and he fishes for all possible fish species and crabs. As a professional fisherman, he sees the importance of moving with the fish, and the weather is very seldom a hindrance to Trond. He is one of our most dedicated fishermen. There is not much time for relaxation, but when salmon fishing at sea starts in the summer time, then he enjoys himself and goes to his fish hut that is close to the Norwegian/Russian Border.

Fishing crabs since 2001
Largest crab 8.4 kg
Interests Sea salmon fishing at the Norwegian/Russian Border.


The Fishingboat Sunniva
Type Small Boat
Length 34.55 feet
Crew 1