Joanna Thesen

Joanna Thesen has been a fisherman since 2013, and lives in Ingøy in Vest-Finnmark. She says she is a modern nomad, and fishes along the entire Norwegian coast from Lofoten in the south to Finnmark in the north. Her boat “Lofotlove” is 10.66 meters and is equipped with jigging for cod fishing and fishing pots for crab fishing. Joanna is keen to change attitudes towards women in the fishing profession. She believes that discrimination is a structural problem within the administration and furthermore there are some bad attitudes among male fishermen. Joanna’s passion is kayaking, then she experiences the sea and nature in a strong and passionate way. Joanna likes to communicate both through text and photography. From her time as a student in Warsaw, she was a musician where her instrument was the cello. When she listens to music, she prefers rock

Fishing crabs since 2018
Largest crab 5.5 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 1