Bjørn Ronald Johannessen

Bjørn Ronald Johannessen is a fisherman from Honningsvåg. He fishes with his shark called “Leah” which is 10.99 metres. Bjørn Roald changed profession from ambulance worker to fisherman in 2017. He says that there is a big difference between working in the ambulance and being a fisherman. Previously, he had colleagues with whom he discussed subjects and the various topics that were in the news. As a fisherman, you manage your own everyday life, and have to deal with different weather conditions and fishing seasons. Being a fisherman along the Finnmark coast is physically hard work. But he likes it. The best are the good weather days, the excitement of the big catches and the freedom. When he is at home, he spends his time following up his three children in their leisure activities. When it’s autumn, he also wants to spend some time grouse hunting on Magerøya.

Fishing crabs since 2017
Largest crab 4.5 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 33 feet
Crew 1