Magnar Johansen

Magnar Johansen from Øksfjord entered the king crab fishery in 2020. Øksfjord is a fishing village in Vest-Finnmark. In 2019, Magnar changed his profession from mechanic and carpenter to fisherman. He loves to have a free life as a fisherman and at the same time having to take nature into account. With the boat “Lilli” of 7.9 metres, Magnar must take extra attention to weather and wind. Over the year, Magnar alternates fishing for king crab, cod, pollock and haddock. He uses tools such as pots in crab fishing and jigging for whitefish. When Magnar listens to music, he chooses to listen to dance bands.

Fishing crabs since 2019
Largest crab 5 kg


Type Plastic covered
Length 26 feet
Crew 1