Yngve Pedersen

The fisherman Yngve Pedersen

Yngve is a very kind and humorous person, he has always something good to say to everybody he meets. Yngve has been a fisherman all his life, and he has experience from prawn trawlers and purse seine. The last twenty years he has owned several fjord fishing vessels, and he was among the first ones to start with catch of King Crabs in the 1990s. Throughout the years he has had several assignments for the Nowegian Institute of Marine Research and Aqua-plan NIVA, where he has conducted tests in connection with King Crab fishing. Yngve is focused on population management and sustainable harvesting of the King Crab.

Fishing crabs since 2001
Largest crab 9.6 kg
Interests Spread joy around himself, hunt and fish.


The fishingboat Tiira
Type Speedsjark
Length 34.65 feet
Crew 1