Your king crab - 1265875

King Grab
2.080 Kg
XXLarge3.5 - 4
XLarge3 - 3.5
Large2.5 - 3
Medium2 - 2.5
Small1.6 - 2
Catch date 02.10.2018
Tag no. 1265875

Your fisherman

Martin Pedersen

Martin has been a fisherman for twelve years by now. Before he went out in to the sea, he was working at the construction site as a blaster. During those years he has blasted many tons of stone. But now he is busy with fishing and it is important to Martin to deliver good quality fish and crabs. In summer, when he is on vacation, Martin enjoys salmon fishing in the river. In winter time he enjoys fishing on the ice at Ifjord mountain.

Name Martin Pedersen
Fishing crabs since 2005
Crew 1
Largest crab 6.9 kg
Interests Mountain cabin and arctic wildlife

Catch site

Finnmark, – the last point linked to land towards the North Pole - has an arctic climate with pure and cold water all year round. In the summer, the sun shines all night and winters are dark with rough weather conditions and nights with fantastic northern lights.

Name Finnmark
Map Open map
Distance to North pole ca. 2000 km
Avg. water temp. 5 °C
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