Marlon Vian

Marlon comes from Gjesvær, which is a small place right at the site of the northernmost point in Norway, North Cape. He started fishing when he was 13 years old and today he fishes all sorts of fish like cod, pollock, haddock, halibut, Greenland halibut and spotted wolfish with nets and line and Norwegian king crabs with pots. Marlon is out into the sea every day and he says it’s the most exciting workplace one could imagine. The ocean is never the same and fun experiences happen all the time. Marlon enjoys listening Eagles when he is on board. In his spare time, Marlon likes to travel with his family to warmer areas, especially to Thailand.

Fishing crabs since 1997
Largest crab 9 kg
Interests New, big boats and scooters


Type Plastic, covered
Length 35 feet
Crew 1